The valley is a rich and green land, shielded by the highest mountains of the Appenino, which saw in Corfinium the birth of the very first italic “capital” between 89-90 BC. Long and rigid winters, the mountains covered with snow, the morning frosts are the soul and essence of this territory and of our vineyards that, luxuriant, authentic, and powerful, are the true protagonists of our story.

The choice of cultivating indigenous grapes reflects the winery’s philosophy of protecting biodiversity and the environment’s natural cycles.

The late maturation and the intense colouring of the grapes, strengthened by the sudden thermal excursion between night and day, are the main ingredients for a hill-foot viticulture of absolute excellence.

The clusters are harvested in small cases by hand at the peak of their maturation, and are then brought in the cellar to be processed within the day, with great focus and wine making expertise.