Un grappolo d'uva dei vitigni autoctoni di Cantina Margiotta
Vino di Cantina Margiotta durante una degustazione enogastronomica
  • Climate

    The daily and seasonal temperature variations at the altitude of the Peligna Valley favor the development of grapes with good acidity and aromatic complexity for fresh and long-lived wines

  • Soil

    The limestone and clay soils, rich in minerals, produce structured and complex wines. The pronounced minerality and robustness recall the typical nature of high altitude wines

  • Territory

    The altitude and microclimate of the Peligna Valley allows the cultivation of different varieties of vines in optimal conditions. Sun exposure and the natural protection of the mountains improve the quality of the grapes

  • Spumante Pecorino Brut vino premiato di Cantina Margiotta

    Award-winning wines

    The awards obtained, including the prestigious 2019 Cangrande Award for the 'Meritorious of Italian Viticulture', reflect the commitment and passion for the production of quality wines.

  • La vendemmia nelle viti di Cantina Margiotta

    100% own production

    We produce, hand-pick and process our excellent Piedmont viticulture grapes within the same day, characterized by extremely late ripening and strong temperature variations.

  • Un vitigno di Cantina Margiotta in Valle Peligna

    Only native vines

    We produce exclusively pure wines, obtained from the cultivation of only native vines, such as Montepulciano, Pecorino, Trebbiano, in the heart of the Majella National Park.

  • Un grappolo d'uva di Cantina Margiotta con una coccinella

    Sustainable agriculture

    We implement Integrated Pest Management practices to manage vineyards and wines in a sustainable and eco-compatible way, guaranteeing quality and respect for natural biological cycles